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Flying Star Show

Hörbar auf Radio MORA: freitags, von 19:00 bis 20:00 Uhr

Sendungsgestalter: Norker

The Flying Star Show is a weekly House music program that aims to provide quality alternative entertainment for people who are tired of traditional radio programs. Here you will not hear cliché songs, but real quality electronic music.
The show’s slogan is “THIS IS YOUR HOUSE,” which is also an invitation for you to define what House means to you. House is a big concept in the world of electronic music, as it has many sub-genres, making it a catch-all term. Within this catch-all term, the Flying Star Show tries to show the diverse entertainment opportunities offered by the world of House music.
The show is produced by Norker, but many people contribute to its success. Viktor Nyics is the show’s voice, Tianril creates the website, and László Tringer plays a role in designing the show’s visual elements. In addition, you can listen to the show on Radio MORA, Balaton Radio, Radio Sense, E-FM, and Alpha Radio every week.
If you would like to contribute to the creation of the show, you can “invite us for a coffee, which we thank you for in advance.

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